Professional Makeup

Want to look glamorous for that special occasion then discover the professional make-up look with Interlude. With over 30 years of experience you will see the tricks of the trade that will enhance your features.

Come in and learn all the professional secret of the make-up artist in a make-up lesson. They are individual classes with one to one sessions. Or you might like to make it a day with your friends and enjoy the fun of learning make-up with all its tricks that with enhance your features. Say good bye to the old look and hello to the new you.

One the day of your lesson if you purchase to the value of the lesson, there is no charge for the make-up lesson

Treatment Price per Person
Debutante $70
Special Occasion $70
Bride $98
Bridal Party $98
Trial $70
Make-up Lesson $120

Cosmetic Tattoo

Cosmetic tattoo gives you the freedom of perfect make-up 24 hours a day. Cosmetic tattoo  ideal for swimming, sports and holidays.  For a fabulous pout or defined eyeliner or great shaped eyebrows Cosmetic tattooing is for you.

Cosmetic Tattoo is a comfortable treatment. In other words no pain. We like to take at least 2 hours with the procedure. Working out colour, shape, thickness and putting the skin a sleep with a topical cream. There are no needles involved.

Enjoy wearing make-up the easy way. Whether you have unsteady hands, poor eye-sight, poor lighting or just unable to apply your make-up, Cosmetic Tatoo  Lip Liner, Lip colour, Eyebrows, Beauty Spot will take away the chore of applying make-up whilst enhancing your features.

Look great while swimming or participating in your favourite sport. Using the latest technology with accentuate your best features.


Treatment Price per Treatment
Eyebrows $490
Eyeliner Top $490
Eyeliner Bottom $490
Eyeliner Top and Bottom $890
Lip Liner $480
Lip Full Colour $680
Beauty Spot $300