Facial Treatments

Brightening Mask Facial

This a correcting mask for devitalised skin and protects against cellular ageing caused by ageing, sun rays, or stress. The mask contains high level of vitamins C, A and E which are released in the mask bringing an amazing re-mineralising and anti-ageing effect to the skin.

Relax and enjoy the continuous massage of your neck and shoulders whilst this treatment brings your skin to its ultimate.

Duration: 60 minutes
Price per Treatment: $175

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Clarins Pro-Active Facial

These intensive treatments focus on the Clarins Touch using ultra-concentrated professional creams and serums that are hand blended according to your skin type. The Pro-Intensive Plus-Formula products are reserved exclusively for the expert hands of your beauty therapist who will use 46 different movements over your face, neck and shoulders. This treatment gives the ultimate skin results.

There are 4 different Pro-Active Treatments:

  • Pro-Active Age-Defying
  • Pro-Active Radiance
  • Pro-Active Hydrating
  • Pro-Active Super-Restorative

Duration: 60 minutes
Price per Treatment: $155

clarins facial

Enzyme Facial

Enzyme Peel is ideal for a quick deep cleansing and regeneration result for all types of skin. Lay back and relax as we apply natural papaya enzymes to your face. The enzymes in the extract work in ways that synthetic chemicals can’t match, dissolving and removing the old callous cells that make skin look tired and aged. Skin texture is improved dramatically; see a beautiful difference, instantly.

Duration: 30 minutes
Price per Treatment: $95

Four treatments are required to achieve the best results.
Just try one treatment and see and feel the difference.

Global Lift Facial Treatment


Inspired by the latest and most revolutionary anti-ageing, Anti-senescence marker therapies, Global Lift is the ultimate face lift, a new way of understanding cosmetic face lift treatments from deep inside the cells.

The first Global lift treatment to restores the youthful facial contours of jawline, neck and cheekbones. Global Lift treatment is designed to achieve a facial redefining effect, which restores the fullness off the jaw line and attenuates sub mental fat in mature skin. The ultimate objective of this treatment is to achieve a face-lift effect, redefining the jaw line and reducing double chins in mature skins. This treatment gives you the feeling that you have been lifted from the top of your hair, it is really a feeling of lifting up. A firming, redefining, anti-wrinkle treatment.

Treatment: $250

LED Phototherapy Treatment

This is a wonderful relaxing treatment that is not just up lifting for the skin but also the spirit. The colour light therapy treatment works by enhancing subtle regulatory and cellular communication systems throughout the body.

This scientific treatment is completely pain free and does not discriminate against age, skin colour or severity of condition. It is safe, non-invasive, no pain and no down time. LED phototherapy (also known as cold laser) dares to go where no other skin therapy or treatment can. This intelligent light from the visible spectrum treats serious skin conditions with specific wavelengths that transmit their own frequency and vibration to stimulate a healing response and offer cellular rejuvenation, skin radiance, health and youth.

This treatment reduces lines and wrinkles, tones facial muscles, firms facial skin, creates a youthful appearance with younger skin texture and improved moisture retention, an optional feature of Advanced Lymphatic Activation.

THE ORIGIN OF LED: LED  phototherapy was originally used by NASA to improve wound healing in space and assist with fatigued and tired astronauts upon their return to Earth. Since then, over 22,000 supporting papers have been written to confirm the benefits of phototherapy. Medical market have been using LED phototherapy for many years. LED phototherapy has been used to energise cells, treat third degree burns, eliminate toxins, heals wounds and support the stimulation of collagen and elastin in turn plumping, rebalancing and renewing the skin inside out. LED delivers a constant light taking in the face, throat and décolletage in just one 20 minute treatment. With over 3,000 diodes in one single panel it can be used on larger parts of the body to assist post surgery or injury recovery.


  • Violet are shown to attack the acne causing bacteria PP/9
  • Blue relaxes the muscles and helps to promote intercellular communication
  • Green calms and soothes redness, sensitivity, speeds up healing
  • Red assists skin healing, anti-inflammation and decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles
  • Infra-red perfect for post treatments, laser and surgery, assist in healing
  • 15 different treatments available

See the difference for yourself after one session!

Duration of the Treatment: 20 minutes
Price per Treatment: $98 normally $135

Natural Corrective Infusion Mask Facial Treatment

Natural Corrective Fusion Mask facial treatment that delivers a most luxurious and unique solution for wrinkles and stressed skin.

Through micro current application, a Corrective Mask is infused and penetrates quickly into the deeper dermal layers of the face, smoothing fine lines, wrinkles and revitalising tired tissues. It simulates your own collagen, elastin, connective tissue as it firms and tones your skin as your muscles are stimulated back to their original alignment. The result is a youthful look with improved elasticity and texture.

Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
Price per Treatment: $175

Non-Surgical Face Lift

This is a relaxing, non aggressive, painless treatment that delivers results.

The initial application of Micro Currents stimulates the muscle tissue lying just beneath the facial skin. This improves circulation by 35% and promotes natural collagen thickness production by 10%. Muscles are firmed, toned and lifted, which in-turn supports the facial skin and dramatically improves skin health, tone and appearance.

To achieve the best results, a weekly treatment for 4 weeks then monthly to maintain and improve the skin.

Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
Price per Treatment: $180

Pelactive Facial

This relaxing treatment uses a combination of native botanicals and lactic acid which encourages a younger looking skin, a healthy glow and specifically targets problem associated with our life styles and environment.

Pelactiv treatment cares for skin conditions such as Acne, Rosacea, Pigmentation, Enlarged Pores, Fine Lines, Wrinkles and brings your skin to its optimum level.

Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
Price per Treatment: $150

Power of Vitamin C+ Facial Treatment

Power of Vitamin C+ is the most powerful Anti-Oxidant combination ever created. Skin ageing and oxidation we cannot avoid the passage of time, and as the years go by the cells stop working normally and slow down. This is reflected in the skin with clear signs of dryness, appearance of wrinkles, lack of elasticity, lack of radiance and appearance of blemishes.

Oxidation is a natural process. If there is no oxygen, there is no life. Cells need O2 to produce energy and proteins. Oxygen causes free radical. Consequently, cells age and die.

What are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are like robbers which are deficient in energy. Free radicals attack and snatch energy from the other cells to satisfy themselves. The oxidation caused by the free radicals cause damage to DNA, cell membranes, mitochondria, collagen and elastin. The power of Vitamin C acts substantially like an oil for the machinery of life.

Dermatological properties of Vitamin C reduces photo ageing because of high anti-oxidant properties, solar damage is repaired due to stimulation of new collagen formation and repair of damage collagen. Hydration levels improved due to reduction of TEML and reduces inflammation at cellular level. Protects the skin from environmental aggressions. Dermatological properties of Vitamin C treat sun burns (fights pro-inflammatory arachidonic acid) and reduces hyperpigmentation. Highly recommended for smokers and drinkers.

Relentless anti-oxidant activity concentrations of pure Vitamin C in salon treatment gives 700% in skin’s cells. It is an oil soluble Vitamin C derivative. It is stable at high temperatures and does not suffer oxidant and it easily absorbed into the skin and the cells. Thanks to the action of the skin’s endogenous hydrolases (enzymes), it is quickly converted into Vitamin C. Its most recognised actions on a cosmetic level are anti-oxidant and anti-free radical, photo-protection and anti-inflammatory.

From your first treatment you can see the difference in a more uniform skin colour. Your skin is 73% firmer, finer wrinkles by 73%, softened eye contour (bags) 73%, more uniform skin colour (soften blemishes), increase radiance 86%, improved skin appearance 91%, softer skin 95%, and more moisturised skin 100%.

Treatment: $185
Normally: $280

Purifying Facial

The Purifying Facial is a great way to rejuvenate not just your skin but your spirits.

Relax and let your senses enjoy the aromatic oils and the gentle movements over your face. The skin is gently exfoliated, corrected and rebalanced leaving it smoother, radiant and refreshed.

Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
Price per Treatment: $150 (Student price $115)

Q10 Dehydrated Mask Facial

Dry skin is often caused by an unbalanced production of oil, leading to a fragile hydrolipidic layer which protects from water loss and damage caused by the sun and smoke.

The correcting mask for dry skin is formulated to promote repair of the skin creating a protective layer whilst the repairing mechanisms action. Q10 protects against free radicals leaving the skin feeling hydrated, oxygenised, smooth and youthful.

Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
Price per Treatment: $175

facial treatment

Retinol Line Facial Treatment

Retinol pure vitamin A has successfully been used to slow the skin’s ageing process. It acts deep into the skin to speed up cell growth and increase collagen production and aids repair of sun damage caused by repeated exposure to UV rays. An excellent anti-wrinkle treatment!

To achieve the best results a treatment program is recommended of one a week for 4 weeks. Also to apply a Retinol Day and Night Cream daily one week prior to starting treatments and then throughout the 4 week period.

Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
Price per Treatment: $185

Sensitive Recovery Mask Facial

Desensitising treatment for sensitive skin. Sensitive skins are those that although apparently well protected, tend to react in an excessive way in certain situations. Environmental factors together with a lack of thickness of the external layers of the skin, seem to be a common cause.

The control mask for sensitive skin, contains extract of seven plants which effectively combined to control the skin’s response against external aggressions thus calming the skin and giving it an anti-inflammatory feeling of well-being.This treatment is soothing to the skin. Relax with a soothing massage of your neck and shoulders.

Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
Price per Treatment: $180

Shine-Control Pure Mask Facial

Excessive oil production can cause certain problems that start with shiny skin leading to greater skin problems if not controlled with strict hygiene.

The correcting mask for oily skin contains enzyme extracts that softens the skin and relieves minor imperfections. The effect of the mask is to polish the skin, fight the skin’s flora responsible for impurities and rebalances oil production. This a relaxing treatment that gives skin back its lustre while improving texture and elasticity. You will have a even texture, calmer and refreshed.

Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
Price per Treatment: $180

Signature Facial

Relax and let your senses enjoy the aromatic fragrances of Clarins creams and oils. This intensive treatment will focus on the Clarins Touch which alleviates tension, stress and neck pain.

This treatment involves continous massage of the face, neck and shoulders leaving your skin refreshed, glowing and soft.

Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
Price per Treatment: $150

The Layer 5 Peel


When time and the environment have diminished the dazzle from your skin, the 5 Layer Peel has been uniquely formulated to recover the glow of a youthful complexion.

This unique treatment involves the combination of 5 peeling techniques:
1.Physical Abrasion
2.Ultrasonic Micro Dermabrasion
3.Chemical Acid Exfoliation
4.Enzymatic Digestion
5.Biological Flaking.

Combination of all these techniques methods prepare the skin with biological peels without aggressive burns. It give the skin a faster and more permanent results to be obtained. Such as fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation, tiny scars, acne marks and uneven skin tones, allowing you a more visible and younger-looking complexion, all this without harsh ingredients.

This treatment acts directly on the core of the pigmentation-producing cells not letting them reproduce cells. Giving a more radiant appearance that is visible from 1st treatment. No down time required which makes it an excellent lunch time treatment. No redness, no peeling or no scaring but allows you to apply your make-up straight after the treatment.

Price: Was $295 Now $255


Look more radiant for the carnival with a 5 Layer Peel that will give your skin a smoother and flawless look. Letting your make-up glide on like a glove.