DNA skin testing

Interlude has introduced a revolutionary scientific test, the Skin DNA Genetic Test.

The Skin DNA Genetic Test, a simple mouth swab, identifies 16 different Genetic Makers known as Snaps (SNPs) divided into 5 categories associated with skin ageing:

*Firmness + Elasticity

*Wrinkling (A.G.E)

*Damage + Pigmentation

*Free Radical Damage

*Sensitivity + Inflammation

Your DNA result are used to create a scientific personalised guide to the correct skin care for your genetic sequence.

The test will provide a 10 page tailored programme based on your skin DNA; identifying the weakness in your skin and how to achieve a stronger, firmer and youthful looking appearance with reduced lines and wrinkles. This tailored programme will also include suggested treatments and skin care to obtain the best results for skin.

The staff of Interlude will guide and assist you with each step you take on your journey to a younger, youthful and toned skin.

When you come in for your DNA testing you will have 1/2 hour O Cosmedics Facial tailored to your skin needs and concerns. Treatment Normally $499 now $300