Skin Care – eyes have it

A few fine lines and wrinkles do not men your face is doomed, but it can be a sign to reconsider your skin care routine. It is never too late to prolong your youthful appearance and improve your skin’s condition.

Long term radiance demands a well-balanced lifestyle and a few minutes dedicated to sin care every day.  What is good for your health is also beneficial for your skin.  The key is finding and maintaining the right balance.

A healthy diet and lifestyle promotes a feeling of wellbeing that shows on your face, while a regular skin care routine will promote a beautiful, more youthful looking complexion.

The unavoidable, slow ageing process in linked to the fact that the skin’s five natural functions – revitalisation, protection, hydration, nutrition and respiration – begin to slow down.   This process can be accelerated by environmental conditions.

Prevention is the best age fighter.  The earlier you compensate for the deficiencies linked to age, the longer your skin will retain its youthful qualities and appearance.

There are two types of simultaneous ageing.  Chronological ageing occurs with the passing of the years and becomes most visible after 40.  It tends to accelerate around menopause with a change in hormonal activity.  The loss of oestrogen can cause dry and sluggish skin.  Aggressive ageing can occur as early as 25.  It is caused by external factors such as sun exposure, ravel, pollution, stress, diet, smoking, lack of sleep, climate and so on.

Eyes Right

The skin around the eye is delicate and fragile.  Ironically, it is also an area that endures constant movement such as blinking, squinting or applying and removing eye make-up.  Think about using eye makeup remover on this delicate area.  Using one cotton pad per eye, apply eye makeup remover and gently press against your lid and lashes.  Without pulling or rubbing, repat as often as needed to thoroughly remove all traces of eye makeup.

Now apply an eye cream that will help minimise the appearance of wrinkles whilst moisturising and smoothing the skin texture.  Apply by placing the eye cream on the tip of your finger and gently patting around the eye contours.  The skin around the eyes is very sensitive to oily products, such as regular face cream; use an eye-specific product in this area.

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