• Partners Day out Package

    Let us relax together and enjoy a wonderful back massage to melt away all your tense muscles.Then with a Enyzme facial that softens and smoothes your skin as you enjoy the warm and soothing facial massage.

    After enjoy Champagne, Cheese and Crackers

    Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
    Price per Treatment per couple: $340

  • Lets Share Time Together Package

    Relax with a Pro-Active Clarins Facial and back massage. Your beauty therapist will hand blend crèmes and serums to meet your skin needs applied through a relaxing massage of your face, neck and shoulder.

    Then follow with a melt away tension massage of your back.

    Later enjoy Champagne, cheese and crackers

    Duration of the Treatment: 90 minutes
    Price per Treatment per couple: $450

  • For the Face

    This technology delivers substantial improvements for the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, sagging skin, hyper pigmentation, while increasing the hydration levels of the skin for a more youthful appearance. Two treatments are available:

    Mesofiller For Skin Firmness

    Mesofiller softens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, while promoting skin firmness and tone at a higher level than previously possible.

    The technique acts as a stimulant for the skin’s vital functions, helping restore skin firmness and density, resulting in a younger looking you. Ideal for aged skin or skin aged premature by UV radiation.

    Mesobright Evens Skin Tone and Increases Luminosty

    The active ingredients within the Mesobright product can balance skin colour, while softening discolouration and dark spots. The high concentration of vitamin C works quickly to stimulate and activate the skin’s natural defence, strengthening, toning and firming, to deliver a radiant, youthful skin.

    Both treatments have NO DOWN TIME or INJECTIONS.

    Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes per treatment
    Price: 240 each

  • Pelactive Visibly Healthy Skin Facial

    This treatment is designed to boosts collagen, elastin and new cell production for a fresher, firmer appearance rather than merely a repairing treatment. Lay back and enjoy the massage of face, neck, and shoulders.

    Duration: 60 minutes
    Price per Treatment: $140

  • Personal Blend Signature Facial

    Purifying, hydrating and refreshing, this facial treatment is individually tailored to suit all skin types. Skin is cleansed, toned and gently exfoliated, before the face, neck    and shoulders are treated to a relaxing aromatherapy massage.

    The treatment addresses overall skin condition, targets specific problems and soothes shaving bumps and irritation. Leaving skin feeling refreshed, healthy and  ultra smooth. Simply lay back, relax and enjoy!

    Duration: 60 minutes
    Price per Treatment: $140

  • Non-Surgical Face-Lift

    Natural facelift results without surgery.  This clinically proven treatment firms and tones muscles, reduces lines and wrinkles with instant results. You can notice the results on your first treatment as it gives you a more youthful appearance without any down time or pain.

    Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
    Price per Treatment: $170

  • Facial Treatments

    Discover the perfect antidote to relieve stress and fatigue with treatment specifically tailored to meet the needs of men’s skin. Each deeply relaxing treatment works to improve circulation, eliminate toxins and promote a feeling of total wellbeing.

    Duration: 60 minutes
    Price per Treatment: $140

  • Express Enzyme Facial

    Those pushed for time will welcome this accelerated skin conditioning treatment. During this facial the skin is deep-cleansed, toned and invigorated using a combination of revitalizing massage and botanical products, while Enzymes  rejuvenated  your skin.

    Duration: 30 minutes
    Price per Treatment: $90

  • Clarins Pro-Active Facial

    These intense treatment focus on using ultra-concentrated professional crèmes and serums which are hand blended to   your personal skin care needs.

    This high-performing treatment addresses the specific needs of men whose skin has suffered the effects of hormonal changes, shaving, weather and sport activities, and has become dull and devitalized – results in firmer, replenished and brighter looking skin.

    Duration: 60 minutes
    Price per Treatment: $150

  • Body Massage

    Been overdoing it at the gym? This intense regenerative massage eases stress-related knots and muscular tension. The calming aromatherapy oils and soothing aromatic vapours relieves over-active stressed minds. Afterwards you feel rebalanced, refreshed and ready to take on the world.

    Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
    Price per Treatment: $105

  • Body Exfolation & Tan

    The natural way to a beautiful suntan without skin damage.  Sunlust has revolutionised the tanning industry by creating a UV free tanning system. This tan lasts up to 10 days depending on your skin type. Get a tan within 10 minutes that looks as if you have spent hours in the sun.

    Last between 8 to 10 days.

    Exfoliation / Tan $120
  • Back Massage

    Suffering from tense shoulders and an aching back? This intense massage melts away all your aches and pains. With the aromatic vapours it will relieve stress leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

    Duration of the Treatment: 30 minutes
    Price per Treatment: $70

  • The Layer 5 Peel


    When time and the environment have diminished the dazzle from your skin, the 5 Layer Peel has been uniquely formulated to recover the glow of a youthful complexion.

    This unique treatment involves the combination of 5 peeling techniques:
    1.Physical Abrasion
    2.Ultrasonic Micro Dermabrasion
    3.Chemical Acid Exfoliation
    4.Enzymatic Digestion
    5.Biological Flaking.

    Combination of all these techniques methods prepare  the skin with biological peels without aggressive burns. It give the skin a faster and more permanent results to be obtained. Such as fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation, tiny scars, acne marks and uneven skin tones, allowing  you a more visible and younger-looking complexion, all this without harsh ingredients.

    This treatment acts directly on the core of the pigmentation-producing cells not letting them reproduce cells. Giving a more radiant appearance that is visible from 1st treatment. No down time required which makes it an excellent lunch time treatment.  No rednessno peeling or no scaring but allows you to apply your make-up straight after the treatment.

    Price: Normally $245     Special Price $205


    Look more radiant for the carnival with a 5 Layer Peel that will give your skin a smoother and flawless look. Letting your make-up glide on like a glove.

    $295.00 $255.00