Pamper yourself with the magic of… MASSAGE

MASSAGE – what a wonderful idea.  You lie in a room with dim lighting, on a warm and comfortable bed with soft music playing that makes you feel as if you’re floating, and with pleasing fragrances in eh room.  In comes the therapist with warm soft hands relieving the tension and unwinding your muscles.  Now, for the first time in a long time, you are relaxing.

There are many reasons people have for a massage treatment.

  • They have heard about its benefits from friends.
  • The session has been given as a gift.
  • They believe they have a problem which needs sorting out – excess weight, poor skin condition, and cellulite, stretch marks and muscle tension.
  • They have a problem but don’t have the confidence to make a booking for it, so they go to the massage therapist to boost their confidence and for her to recommend a suitable treatment plan.

Remember, massage is a great treatment and there are many different massages to discover and enjoy.  The massage routine should include petrissage (skin rolling, wringing and picking up) and tapotement movements (backing, cupping, pounding and beating) on areas of excess fat and effleurage (full, sweeping movement to relax you).  There are also other types for you to eventually experience.

Massage for Relaxation

Many people suffer from stress at some time in their lives – for instance, it is amazing how tense many car drivers can become simply through sitting in heavy traffic.

Stress has many different effects on the body.  It is often responsible for causing muscle tension which, if left untreated, will eventually affect posture and even affect the general state of health.  One of the main benefits of massage is relaxation, so it is extremely beneficial to most people.

Massage for weight loss

It is a popular misconception that massage by itself can induce weight loss.  However, if massage is introduced as part of a planned treatment, along with dietary changes, exercise and a home- care program, it helps keep the texture of the skin and body firm while you lose weight.

There are many reasons why you may be over weight – the condition may be hereditary, you may have been over-eating, you may have given birth, or it may be through lack of exercise.

Many people lose weight by them selves; others seek help through therapists and weight-loss programs. The massage therapist can help you to decide the best plan of action.

With this full program you will achieve your goal and at the same time enjoy getting there.

Aromatherapy massage

This massage is usually used for relaxation. It uses already-blended essential oils or oil blended especially to suit your needs. The massage is an experience of fragrance and relaxation and can be enhanced with suitable music. The massage itself is used to take the oils into your body to achieve the desired state. You enjoy the massage while the therapist and the oils do all the hard work for you.

The magic of massage

Here is an old oriental tale that demonstrates the power of massage.

Once upon a time there was a young woman called Fatima who was constantly scolded and nagged by her mother-in-law. Fatima could take no more so she went to the local herbalist for some poison to kill the old woman. After some thought, the herbalist gave her a heavily-scented potion.

He told her this should be massaged into the skin daily and that after six weeks her mother-in-law would die.

Fatima did as she was instructed, each day giving her mother-in-law a massage. Gradually the old woman’s vicious temper seemed to disappear and empathy grew between the two.

Fatima began to regret her desire to kill her mother-in-law and returned to the herbalist and begged for an antidote to the poison. The wise old man smiled and explained and that no antidote was needed – the ‘poison’ she had been using in the massage was simply a mixture of aromatic oils designed to transform her situation and enhance her life.

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