Lash out on your eyelashes

Who’s got time to deal with all their beauty needs?  We seem to make sure we have the right shampoo and conditioner for our hair, to give it the best lustre or that we get the lipstick to match that outfit.  And don’t forget the waterproof mascara so we don’t get the smudged look. But we forget our eyelashes.

If we were to tint eyelashes instead of applying lots of mascara, we would condition them and encourage them to grow.  If we curled our lashes through perming, we wouldn’t break them with the tortuous routine of manually curling them.

Tinting and perming eyelashes make them look longer and fuller.  You can then add mascara as well, if you want.

Eyelash perming is rapidly becoming a popular service.  It beautifies and enhances lashes for a long time and leaves you free from the fuss of using mascara and eyelash curlers.

Eyelash perming enhances colour and gives lashes definition.  It is fast, efficient, hygienic and long-lasting.

What goes on in the perming treatment?

  • The client should be lying down and relaxed, as the beauty therapist will be working from behind the head for most of the time. The client is asked to close her eyes while the therapist places a fine rod made of fibrous paper on the eyelids.
  • The lashes are rolled firmly around the rods. The perming solution, in a gel form, is applied to the lashes. Because it is a gel, it will not easily enter the eyes. Even if a small quantity does touch the eye, there are no side effects.
  • The eyes are now covered with tissues and a towel. The client rests while the perming solution gets to work.
  • After 10-15 minutes, the perming solution is removed by gentle washing with cotton pads and then patted dry.
  • The neutralising gel is applied and the eyes are recovered for 8-10 minutes.
  • The neutralising solution is removed using damp cotton pads and the rod is removed to reveal beautifully curled lashes.

Tinting lashes

To enhance the look, tint the lashes. In the past, tinting solutions have at times caused eye irritations, but a product called Belmacil has been designed for sensitive eyes. It is not only safe but also but also rich in colour. Don’t forget the eye brows. If you find they are starting to fade, then tinting will give greater definition to the whole eye area.

These treatments are safe, hygienic and with out pain. They are also quick makeup routine, having your eyelashes and brows already tinted and permed makes life a lot easier.

What you can expect

  • The process opens and enhances the eye area.
  • It gives a completely natural look.
  • Perm and tint give a semi-permanent mascara look.
  • The treatment is comfortable and relaxed.
  • It is suitable for men and women.

Did you know?

  • You should not wear any eye makeup before the treatment.
  • You should remove contact lens before treatment.
  • Lashes should be tinted every three weeks to build colour on colour.
  • Perm on a regular basis for longer-lasting lashes and a stronger curl.

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