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As fingernails are groomed, shaped coloured and toned to match our image for the day, so they finish off as outfit.

Why have a manicure?  To complete the perfect picture, of course.

Regular and attentive care is necessary if immaculate nails are to be maintained.

As nails are so vital for a groomed appearance, manicure treatment is one of the most popular services a specialist can give, and it’s often provided in conjunction with facial treatments.

The manicure

The cuticle and the nail wall are freed from the nail plate in a manicure.

This avoids the risk of hangnail formation, which is caused by the stretched skin splitting away from the nail plate.

The outline of the nail is kept smooth, infection is prevented, and only gentle treatment is required to maintain an attractive cosmetic appearance.

Regular professional attention will also prevent minor nail damage, splits, tears and fragile tips.  Without care, these can remain undetected and become more serious.

Remedial home attention can prevent the condition at the time, but in the long run can worsen.

The protective role of nail enamel and adherent strengthening preparations should be exploited to the full, and be reinforced by an extensive program of nourishing and emollient creams applied nightly.

The addition of a hand massage routine improves the skin, delays ageing tendencies such as wrinkles and discoloured skin, and controls areas of senile pigmentation in the hands – and remembers, hand creams should have UV protection.

Common Problems

  • White spot.  ‘Leukonychia’ is the technical term for white spots.  These white spots are caused not by disease, but rather by injury to the nail matrix.  Often you will see these spots and not remember when you harmed the area.
    Treatment:  As the nail grows, the spots also grow out and eventually are filed off. However if you hurt the nail again it is likely that more spots will appear on the nail.
  • Splits in the skin. When the skin becomes dry, the cuticles and surrounding skin can become hard and split. We often see this in winter months and when we are working in a colder environment.
    Treatment: Clean the splits and cracks by using exfoliation, scrub gently and file the skin smooth with a gentle file. Wash your hands and massage with a good hand cream. Regular paraffin treatments are another way to ease the dryness, really condition the skin and make hands more youthful.
  • Long ridges and vertical splits. When the problem of ridges and splits crops up on natural nails, it means the matrix is breaking down and not producing the nail properly. This can be a result of damage or of natural ageing. The ridge comes from the matrix and when it crests the stress area splits.
    Treatment:  Whether it’s one or 10 nails affected, the solution is the same. The enhancement should be gel, wrap or acrylic applied to the nail.  If you suspect the ridge is due to trauma, it will grow out with the aid of the gel cover applied to it.  It is a matter of persevering with the gel until the new nail grows.

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