Face up to it, collagen masks work

The decline of collagen production in our skin, set against the pressure to maintain a youthful appearance, has led the beauty industry to have a strong interest in collagen.

Why collagen? The dermis (that is, the skin) is made of collagen fibres, a form of protein.

Collagen gives the skin strength, form and flexibility. Wrinkles and sagging occur when collagen fibres lose their flexibility.

Cosmetic creams are used to combat this. There are differences of opinion about whether the skin can actually he fed by cosmetic creams.

However, there is one important factor to consider. If the skin is kept supple by the moisturising products applied to it, then skin chapping, flaking and soreness will be prevented. Bacterial infection will be restrained and premature ageing controlled.

Today, cosmetics can considerably delay wrinkling – collagen is crucial here.

As the body ages, the connective tissue of the dermis changes, altering form it flexible, unlinked form with a high elasticity and capacity to absorb water.

As soluble collagen diminishes, the skin loses is soft, full appearance and becomes cross-linked and rigid. It changes to inflexible collagen, which is unable to swell and retain fluid.

The cosmetic industry has worked on this. Collagen products are now available that increase the skin’s capacity to retain fluid, improve its elasticity and provide a more youthful appearance.

Combined collagen and moisturising products can be bought that delay the formation of wrinkles and the effects of premature ageing. You can see the skin improvements that result without side effects.
The collagen mask

This is a breakthrough. For the first time, you can infuse natural collagen into the skin with a micro-current machine. It works on the deeper layers of the skin without pain.

The machine transfers the collagen from a facial mask into the skin.

Previous treatments were expensive and injections often left clients with negative and painful side effects.

The new method involves no needles and no pain.

It replenishes collagen in a wonderfully relaxed and therapeutic manner, leaving the client with renewed skin elasticity and radiance.

The technique also incorporates benefits directly derived from the micro-current system – there is facial toning and lifting.

The collagen quickly absorbed, fine lines and wrinkles diminish, dark shadows under the eyes are lightened and the whole face gets a more even texture.

The mask can be used on all skin types and people of any age.

It doesn’t stop there…

The process protects you against pollution (free radicals) by regenerating the vitamin E previously destroyed by pollution.

The mask also contains vitamins A and C, which are essential for healthy skin.

There are also eye pads that can be used at home. These pads are not just a quick fix of a few hours. When used regularly, they give lasting results.

And remember, these pads are also used on lips.

In all my years as a beauty therapist, I have never seen results like this. Just in one treatment you can see what I call unbelievable results.

The whole skin of the face comes alive, with a younger, firmer and more youthful appearance.
Did you know?

You may have lines that worry you. However, having collagen injections in these lines to plump them up will have an effect that lasts only three months.

Afterwards, these lines will be twice their original depth and width.

They get wider every time the needle is used to insert collagen. Food for thought!

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