Bye Bye Black Eyes

Smudged mascara need never be a problem

In the movies, when the stars wake up in the morning they usually look beautiful. But when we ordinary folk wake up we’re not glamorous at all; especially with the usual two black eyes that are the result of smudged mascara and eyeliner. Now that it’s possible to have permanent cosmetic makeup on the eyes. The smudges can be a thing of the past.

Don’t think that ‘permanent’ means tattooing. Getting a tattoo involves a long thick needle, one that can be used in places such as the arms. Micro pigmentation is different.
Micro pigmentation

With micro pigmentation cosmetic makeup a needle is used that will only go, for instance, a few millimetres inside the skin around the eye. Hence the result lasts only about three years, rather than a lifetime, as a tattoo does.

There are many different ways to apply this form of pigmentation – with bamboo sticks, a small hand gun, or my favourite, Soft Tap.

Soft Tap doesn’t create trauma or injury of cosmetic tattooing. It uses no machines – only a pointed hand-piece which slides into the upper layers of the epidermis creating no bleeding, pain or injury, while depositing a large amount of hypo-allergenic natural colour just under the skin, where it will stay for up to three years – sometimes longer; it depends on how well your skin absorbs the colour.
Cosmetic colour

A face makeover is also available. This isn’t a makeup, but it is the equivalent of facial architecture and engineering. Both sides of the face are measured to establish how the features can be enhanced and to balance and align the structure of the face.

The lips can be made fuller, the appearance of the eyes lifted, and the eyebrows shaped to frame the face in any soft and subtle colour. The colour slides in with a gentle tapping – it’s a pleasant treatment for both client and therapist.

Cosmetic colour implant technology implants permanent colour into the skin to duplicate the natural colour the clients had in their youth.
Your questions

Q: How do I know the treatment will help my appearance?

A: If, for instance, you have over-plucked your eyebrows so that the growth is patchy or non-existent in places, if your lips are an irregular shape or scarred from injury, your appearance can certainly be improved. If your eyes are pale or small the shape can be defined and enhanced permanently with this system.

Q: Can I go to work after the treatment?

A: Most clients will experience a small degree of puffiness afterwards. Most clients show little sign of the procedure after 24 hours.

Q: What if the client has sensitive skin and eyes?

A: The colours are natural and hypo-allergenic. They are suitable for sensitive skin and eyes as they contain no FD&Cs (chemicals) or coal tar derivatives.

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