About us

Interlude Natural Beauty Therapy and Perfumery was established in 1985 by mother and daughter team, Frances and Mary. Interlude now has a wonderful team that share the same love of Beauty and a passion for making skin look its ultimate through the seasons and years. No problem is insurmountable if you want to achieve the best results.

The salon was named “Interlude” to describe the personal aspects of our service. An interlude with professional beauty therapists can achieve that certain look you want for your skin or that certain make-up look to finish your outfit.

Why “Natural” Beauty Therapy? Because that is our professional philosophy. If it is natural then it is more effective and in harmony with your body

“Beauty Therapy” is the answer to wonderful skin results without having to resort to “injectables” or cosmetic surgery. Ageing is in your own hands, so be proactive! Positive visible results can be achieved whilst giving the skin strength to repair itself with no need for, “time out”. Look good the natural way! Your skin will reflect your personality and look great. “Perfumery”, an important compliment to your skin and appearance, can also be achieved at Interlude Natural Beauty Therapy and Perfumery.


At Interlude, the staff continuously strive to achieve the best results whether in treatments or service. This has been noted by Clarins. Interlude has won the ‘Clarins Gold Salon’ every year since 1995. There are only five Gold Salons in Victoria. A Gold Salon must always provide treatments of a high standard with excellent results and customer service.

The ‘Prix de Exellence’ Award has only been awarded twice in Australia. This award recognises the standards of Australian salons with respect to service and especially treatments. Interlude has been the successful recipient of this prestigious award on both occasions.

Mr Jacques Courtin-Clarins explaining the theory underlying his treatments

Mr Clarins demonstrating the correct level of pressure required for a particular facial

In 1990 Clarins Paris invited a selected group of Australian beauty therapist to train in the ‘Paris Method Treatments’. Frances and Mary were chosen to participate in this intensive two week program mastering the Clarins Paris salon treatments for face, body and bust.

The secretive nature of this work prevented filming or note taking. The high standards of the Paris Salon demanded each participant to perform the treatment on a French beauty therapist whilst another critiqued the trainee’s method. It was not unusual for Clarins international beauty therapists including the owner Mr Jacque Courtin-Clarins to roll up their selves and show you how to perfect the treatment. Mr Courtin-Clarins’ French instructions were accurately translated by his Top International Beauty Therapist Rosemary Castino. His passion and satisfaction in the results of his treatments were evident in his attention to detail and level of instruction.

Mr Clarins and his son Christian Courtin-Clarins would often join us for lunch. This provided an excellent opportunity to discuss, reflect and absorb the knowledge from those highly trained in successful skin treatments for women and men.

The success of the Paris training promoted Clarins in 1992 to invite the top beauty therapist from all around Australia for advanced training and again both Frances and I were chosen. The French really know how to get the best out of their beauty therapists and they give their best in return. This time it was an extension of facials, body and bust plus body exfoliation. They covered the finest details of each treatment to ensure that the beauty therapist could select the most appropriate treatments for their clients.

Within the next 6 months of returning to Australia, Paris Clarins launched their make-up range. Interlude assisted 900 women in the successful application of makeup, wining the ‘Best Promotion’ for Victoria.

Examining a client’s skin at the completion of the treatment