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Interlude Natural Beauty Therapy and Perfumery is a beauty salon in Melbourne. It is run by mother and daughter team Frances and Mary Jackson, with a wonderful team that share the same love of beauty and a passion for making skin look its ultimate through the seasons and years. No problem is insurmountable if you want to achieve the best results
Melbourne beauty salon like this is quite unique with the zest of the Paris Beauty Salon. The salon was named “Interlude” to describe the personal aspects of our service.


I would like to express my appreciation in recommending to me to use the Corrective Range of skincare. This product is brilliant, my skin glows and looks younger, the lines have disappeared. I know I was skeptical at the start about using this range ( eye cream, day/night cream, serum ) but from day one I have never looked back.

Hi Girls

When it comes to the perfect facial, do you know which one best suits you? Some of us fall in love with particular brands, be it Clarins or Ella Bache, and wouldn’t dream of trying anything else. And that’s fine because these brands will offer something for everyone. But other people like to be a little more adventurous.