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  • Pelactive Facial

    This relaxing treatment uses a combination of native botanicals and lactic acid which encourages a younger looking skin, a healthy glow and specifically targets problem associated with our life styles and environment.

    Pelactiv treatment cares for skin conditions such as Acne, Rosacea, Pigmentation, Enlarged Pores, Fine Lines, Wrinkles and brings your skin to its optimum level.

    Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
    Price per Treatment: $140

  • Non-Surgical Face Lift

    This is a relaxing, non aggressive, painless treatment that delivers results.

    The initial application of Micro Currents stimulates the muscle tissue lying just beneath the facial skin. This improves circulation by 35% and promotes natural collagen thickness production by 10%. Muscles are firmed, toned and lifted, which in-turn supports the facial skin and dramatically improves skin health, tone and appearance.

    To achieve the best results, a weekly treatment for 4 weeks then monthly to maintain and improve the skin.

    Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
    Price per Treatment: $170

  • Natural Corrective Infusion Mask Facial Treatment

    Natural Corrective Fusion Mask facial treatment that delivers a most luxurious and unique solution for wrinkles and stressed skin.

    Through micro current application, a Corrective Mask is infused and penetrates quickly into the deeper dermal layers of the face, smoothing fine lines, wrinkles and revitalising tired tissues. It simulates your own collagen, elastin, connective tissue as it firms and tones your skin as your muscles are stimulated back to their original alignment. The result is a youthful look with improved elasticity and texture.


    Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
    Price per Treatment: $175

  • LED Phototherapy Treatment

    This is a wonderful relaxing treatment that is not just up lifting for the skin but also the spirit. The colour light therapy treatment works by enhancing subtle regulatory and cellular communication systems throughout the body.

    This scientific treatment is completely pain free and does not discriminate against age, skin colour or severity of condition. It is safe, non-invasive, no pain and no down time. LED phototherapy (also known as cold laser) dares to go where no other skin therapy or treatment can. This intelligent light from the visible spectrum treats serious skin conditions with specific wavelengths that transmit their own frequency and vibration to stimulate a healing response and offer cellular rejuvenation, skin radiance, health and youth.

    This treatment reduces lines and wrinkles, tones facial muscles, firms facial skin, creates a youthful appearance with younger skin texture and improved moisture retention, an optional feature of Advanced Lymphatic Activation.

    THE ORIGIN OF LED:    LED  phototherapy was originally used by NASA to improve wound healing in space and assist with fatigued and tired astronauts upon their return to Earth. Since then, over 22,000 supporting papers have been written to confirm the benefits of phototherapy. Medical market have been using LED phototherapy for many years. LED phototherapy has been used to energise cells, treat third degree burns, eliminate toxins, heals wounds and support the stimulation of collagen and elastin in turn plumping, rebalancing and renewing the skin inside out. LED delivers a constant light taking in the face, throat and décolletage in just one 20 minute treatment. With over 3,000 diodes in one single panel it can be used on larger parts of the body to assist post surgery or injury recovery.


    • Violet are shown to attack the acne causing bacteria PP/9
    • Blue relaxes the muscles and helps to promote intercellular communication
    • Green calms and soothes redness, sensitivity, speeds up healing
    • Red assists skin healing, anti-inflammation and decreases the appearance of lines and wrinkles
    • Infra-red perfect for post treatments, laser and surgery, assist in healing
    • 15 different treatments available

    See the difference for yourself after one session!

    Duration of the Treatment: 20 minutes
    Price per Treatment: $90 normally $135

  • Global Lift Facial Treatment

    GLOBAL LIFT  (ProGEN-in)

    Inspired by the latest and most revolutionary anti-ageing, Anti-senescence marker therapies, Global Lift is the ultimate face lift, a new way of understanding cosmetic face lift treatments from deep inside the cells.

    The first Global lift treatment to restores the youthful facial contours of jawline, neck and cheekbones. Global Lift treatment is designed to achieve a facial redefining effect, which restores the fullness off the jaw line and attenuates sub mental fat in mature skin. The ultimate objective of this treatment is to achieve a face-lift effect, redefining the jaw line and reducing double chins in mature skins. This treatment gives you the feeling that you have been lifted from the top of your hair, it is really a feeling of lifting up. A firming, redefining, anti-wrinkle treatment.

  • Enzyme Facial

    Enzyme Peel is ideal for a quick deep cleansing and regeneration result for all types of skin. Lay back and relax as we apply natural papaya enzymes to your face.  The enzymes in the extract work in ways that synthetic chemicals can’t match, dissolving and removing the old callous cells that make skin look tired and aged. Skin texture is improved dramatically; see a beautiful difference, instantly.

    Duration of the Treatment: 30 minutes
    Price per Treatment: $90


    Four treatments are required to achieve the best results.
    Just try one treatment and see and feel the difference.

  • Dermapen

    Dermapen in Melbourne – Facial Treatment


    Dermapen is NOT an injectable treatment like Botox or Fillers. It does NOT inject any serum or product in the skin or product in the skin, rather “TRIGGERS” a natural skin response.


    Dermapen creates a natural skin reaction where tiny electrical signals are released the 5 Layers of Collagen, which has never been reached before. This creates a biological chain of events where essential Minerals, Proteins and New Collagen and Elliston fibres are discharged and regenerated. After a course of treatments, the skin is visibly revitalised, rejuvenated, replenished and regenerated.


    Dermapen has been designed for any person experiencing skin conditions such as pigmentation, scarring, acne, enlarged pores but especially ageing. Created and developed in the 1990’s by a team of European Plastic Surgeons, dermatologists and engineers. The concept of Dermapen has a strong medical heritage that has instantly advanced the technology and the use of needles for cosmetic and skin enhancement.


    Results may be seen even after one treatment. Patients report a radiantly firmer, even-toned, more revitalised skin with the visible decrease in the appearance of wrinkles, pigmentation, sun damage, acne, enlarges pores and scarring. Dermapen treatments also create an excellent pick-me-up for any skin experiencing fatigue or environmental aggression.


    A topically applied anaesthetic is applied to minimise any discomfort when receiving Dermapen clinical treatment. Patients can generally resume normal activities almost immediately, but may experience some minor redness for a few hours. The homecare treatments require no down time and have no pain.


    Dermapen raving fans include Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt


    *CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy)
    *Pharmaceutical or Cosmetic Product Infusion
    *Anti-Ageing /Wrinkles
    *Pigmentation/ Sun Damage
    *Acne/ Pimples/ Blackheads
    *Decrease in Scarring
    *Enlarged Pores/ Seborrhoea

  • Clarins Pro-Active Facial

    These intensive treatments focus on the Clarins Touch using ultra-concentrated professional creams and serums that are hand blended according to your skin type. The Pro-Intensive Plus-Formula products are reserved exclusively for the expert hands of your beauty therapist who will use 46 different movements over your face, neck and shoulders. This treatment gives the ultimate skin results.

    There are 4 different Pro-Active Treatments:

    • Pro-Active Age-Defying
    • Pro-Active Radiance
    • Pro-Active Hydrating
    • Pro-Active Super-Restorative

    Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
    Price per Treatment: $150

  • Brightening Mask Facial

    This a correcting mask for devitalised skin and protects against cellular ageing caused by ageing, sun rays, or stress. The mask contains high level of vitamins C, A and E which are released in the mask bringing an amazing re-mineralising and anti-ageing effect to the skin.

    Relax and enjoy the continuous massage of your neck and shoulders whilst this treatment brings your skin  to its ultimate.

    Duration of the Treatment: 60 minutes
    Price per Treatment: $170

  • Active Hand Care – All Skin Types – 75ml [59410]

    The first hand care product developed for men. Powerful skin-repairing benefits and protection in a non-oily forula specifically adapted to men’s skin. Helps Calm irritation, nourishes and fights calluses.

  • Active Face Wash Foam Gel – All Skin Types – 125ml [50010]

    This soap-free gel helps prevent the drying effects hard water can have on the skin. It removes impurities that can make the skin look dull, like excess oil and traces of pollution. It refreshes and wake-up your skin.

  • Moisture Balm – All Skin Types – 50ml [50310]

    Lightweight and very refreshing, both Moisture Gel and Moisture Balm have comforrtable textures and will not leave your skin feeling oily. They are quickly absorbed, help calm razor burn, and provide the skin with balanced moisture. They even help the skin recover from small nicks after shaving

  • Undereye Serum – All Skin Types – 20ml [50710]

    A very refreshing, non-oily eye contour treatment that helps reduce undereye puffiness and minimize the appearance of dark circules. It also helps smooth out fine lines and gives skin a moisture boost. Promotes a better defined eye contour.